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Clean carpets can make a world of difference for a home or business. They look nice, smell nice, and even feel nice compared to dirty carpets which can harbor smells and will hold onto stains for years. While regular vacuuming will help maintain your carpets, the reality is that even the best consumer vacuums can’t lift all the dirt and grime from the roots of the carpet fibers. Professional cleaning equipment will provide a deep clean for your carpets which will remove stubborn stains and odors.

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Carpet Cleaning Services

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Benefits of clean carpets

Cleaning your carpets will benefit you in more ways than simply looking and feeling nice. Here are some of the various benefits you will experience with professionally cleaned carpets:

  • Extends the life of your carpets
  • Healthier living environment
  • Removes odors and stains
  • Removes residues from previous cleaning products and sprays
  • May help to maintain your warranty
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Our Carpet Cleaning Process

When you contact Erie ProClean, we will send one of our carpet cleaning professionals to your property to inspect inspect your carpets and provide you with a free consultation which will conclude with an accurate quote for the cleaning needed.

At Erie ProClean, we want to ensure that your house or business property is cared for, so before we start the cleaning process, we will prepare the area and our equipment to prevent any damage or mess.

Before we bring in the industrial cleaners, we will quickly vaccum up any surface dirt and dander. At this time we will also apply any anti-stain or anti-odor treatments.

Once the area is prepped, we can begin the carpet cleaning process. At Erie ProClean, we will utilize our industry-leading truck-mounted vaccum to effectively clean your carpets. 

After we have finished the carpet cleaning, we will conduct a final inspection and walkthrough to ensure that the job was completed to our standards. 

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Free Consultations

Erie ProClean offers free consultations for home and business owners. If you are considering getting your vents or ducts cleaned, give us a call, risk-free.

Quick & Accurate Quotes

Our technicians will work during our consultation to procure any information available to provide you with a quick and accurate quote.

Skilled Technicians

At Erie ProClean, our team of technicians are highly trained, have tons of experience, and are the most skilled cleaning technicians in the state of Ohio.